Many of our readers are probably already familiar with some of the more popular modalities of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal medicine. But did you know that there is another lesser-known TCM treatment protocol known as cupping therapy that can help relieve a host of maladies?

The protocol, which involves applying small cups or jars to the skin and suctioning it away from the body, dates as far back as 1500 B.C., when ancient Egyptians used it to treat fever, vertigo, menstrual imbalance, poor appetite, pain and a variety of other health conditions. Taoist herbalists later used cupping therapy to induce relaxation, expel toxins from the body and promote healthy blood flow, among many other uses.

Today, this simple and highly versatile technique is still beneficial for all sorts of health conditions, which makes it an excellent alternative to drugs and surgery for many people. Whether they are made of glass, bamboo or modern materials like silicon, these unique little cups have a confirmed track record of clinical efficacy that renders them worthy of further investigation.

How does Chinese cupping therapy work? According to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM), a TCM practitioner will first create suction inside the cups, one method of which involves applying rubbing alcohol to the bottom of the cups and lighting them on fire. When the flame is put out and the generated heat eventually cools, the air inside the cups contracts to create a natural suction.

The cups are then placed on the skin and either moved across it in a continuous motion, a process known as gliding cupping, or kept isolated and gently lifted. In both methods, the suction inside the cups lifts the skin away from the body to create negative pressure, as opposed to the positive pressure induced by massage. This negative pressure helps loosen muscle tissue, promote healthy blood flow and sedate the nervous system.

“Generally, “Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite.”



The benefits of cupping therapies are endless due to its stimulating and the strengthening effects. Although cupping therapy can treat everybody, there are some exceptions, Children below 10 years old, adults above 70 years old with heart problems, pregnant women, patients recovering from surgery, weak and thin people suffering from lack of blood. And people with threatening conditions, heart attack, asthmatic attack, trauma and accidents.

Now in the twenty first century alternative therapies are becoming more popular, cupping therapy is now receiving additional credit and the world of medince are recognizing that alternative therapies do have great beneficial to our health. More people are turning back to the beginning to find alternative healing. People are now looking for more choices, other than drugs, their wonting something none invasive, calming, and relaxing. Cupping has developed into a very popular technique. By what we see and read through the media, papers and magazines, especially in America


Victoria Beckham was photographed with cupping marks on her back; Victoria had purple patches running down her spine as she arrived at Heathrow Airport.

Denise Richards was also photographed with cupping marks, the 39-year-old model and actress showed of her treatment on her back as she was pictured in Malibu.

Gwyneth Paltrow appeared at a film premiere with her cupping marks on her back

Olympic swimmer Wang Qun hoping her marks would lead her to a place on the medal podium.

Stephanie Rice the Australian swimmer who won gold medals in the Olympic showed her marks of cupping therapy.


Facial Cupping

Add in any facial for just £9.99

Women in Asia, Russia and Europe have been utilizing these remarkable negative pressure facial exercises for rejuvenation and maintenance for generations.

Protocols for the face use the small cups to vacuum and lift the facial tissue, mimicking the pumping movements of lymphatic drainage. It is a manual method that replicates the effects of equipment currently in use in most of the top aesthetic establishments.

The benefits include increased local circulation of the skin; increased nutrients brought to the epidermis, and enhanced absorption of facial topical. The drainage of stagnant fluids from reservoir areas will reduce edema and chronic puffiness.

Lines, wrinkles and will plump whereas scar tissue will soften from the negative pressure, making it an exceptionally powerful and surprisingly relaxing enhancement to advanced facial treatments.

The muscles of the face benefit greatly from the reduction of tension and tightness, releasing expression lines and loosening rigid muscles associated with TMJ disorders.

Sinus infections and inflammation are also directly relieved by the loosening and draining effects of the cups – many times resolving issues that many sufferers commonly turned to more radical procedures to correct.


Dry cupping

 Treatment  £15 (20 minutes)

This procedure involves creating a vacuum into the cup bringing blood and lymph to a pacific area, promoting circulation and healing, In addition it will help break adhesions between the skin and underlying connective tissues, allowing for freer movement, pulling the local underlying tissue up into the cupping vessel.


Stationary cupping

Treatment £10 (15 minutes)

The cups are placed onto the desired location and left on the same spot for ten to fifteen minutes. Several cups may be applied in a single treatment. To release the cups, press the skin around the cup this will breaks the seal ready for removal.


Moist or wet cupping

Treatment £ 35 (50 minutes)

This is the oldest and the most effective method. A surgical tool called a lancet is used to scrape the skin, the glass is then placed over the manipulated area, and with the suction pulling the blood, which is then drawn up into the glass cup.


Fire Cupping

Treatment £25 (35 minutes)

Another traditional Chinese method of cupping used worldwide. A small cotton ball is lightly coated with alcohol. The cotton ball is then ignited and inserted inside the cup which will evacuate the air, creating the vacuum. The cotton ball is then withdrawn .


Massage or moving cupping

Treatment £35 (45 minutes)

This is done by applying oil to the skin, by moving the cup or glass around with a weak suction over the area that needs to be worked on.


The hot cupping technique

Treatment £ 30 (45 minutes)

This is done with moxa, also known as dried mugwort. This herb is a warming herb. To do this treatment the needles are warmed with smoldering dried mugwort, and then applied to the appropriate area. The cups are then applied over the top.


Jennifer Anniston cupping

As she posed for the photographers on the red carpet, Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston looked every inch the A-lister.

Shiny hair, immaculate make-up, a glowing tan — not to mention revealing shorts that showed off her perfectly toned legs.

But having paid such attention to her appearance, why did Aniston choose a low-backed top that succeeded only in showing off a series of unsightly circular marks on her back?

Peculiarly, Aniston was modelling the latest celebrity must-have.


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