Hands & Feet Rejuvenation

Dermal fillers can provide a significant improvement to the appearance of your ageing hands,obscuring or softening the appearance of veins and tendons, creating an appearance of plump skin with a youthful fullness.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna are ridiculed for their “old lady” hands and have even taken to wearing gloves at functions to cover them up .The curse of ‘old lady’ hands can strike at any time after 40 and the Press are outing more and more celebrities such as Demi Morre and Posh. Regardless of how smooth and wrinkle free your face, gnarled, veiny hands will always betray a woman’s age. So why do our hands suffer so badly?

Healthy, youthful hands have plenty of subcutaneous fat with soft skin and no wrinkles except for flexion creases over the finger joints. Veins may be visible, especially in slender and athletic individuals, but their blue colour is subtle. Tendons are often visible, particularly when the fingers are extended, but subtly so. Fullness of the skin and tissues prevents the hand from appearing bony.

However, skin on the back of the hands is very thin and as we age it gets even thinner. The subcutaneous fat also disappears, exacerbating the problem, making the hands look bony and veined. Most people forget to protect their hands from the sun on a regular basis and so exposure tends to also lead to pigmentation and age spots.

Surgery cannot help, but there are non-surgical procedures which can turn back the hands of time so that you have hands with an even skin tone and the subcutaneous fat layer is increased to soften the appearance of veins and tendons.


Radiesse injection procedure for the rejuvenation of hands from


This is an instant, safe procedure that literally converts older looking hands to younger looking hands in minutes. Radiesse is non-permanent dermal filler, with Lidocaine aneasthetic, that is injected in the back of your hands. The procedure is virtually painless and generally takes less than 25 minutes to inject both hands. Most people find that they can return to work the following day after this procedure.

Once integrated into the skin, the presence of the Radiesse microspheres promotes new elastin and collagen production. Part of the long-lasting effect is your own new collagen.


Skin peels for hands with an even skin tone


Many of the treatments that we use to treat poor skin tone on the face can also be used on the hands. However, Micro-dermabrasion isn’t a great option for skin resurfacing as there is no underlying fat structure to protect the skin, but a skin peel can be used to boost elastin, get rid of sun damage and improve the quality of the skin and evenness of skin tone.


Laser blast away the age spots


Age spots are a common complaint and our medical laser can be used to treat them. This involves a specific frequency of light being shown onto the skin. The darker patches of skin absorb the light energy which is converted into heat energy and breaks down the melanin that gives the skin a dark appearance. However, this treatment is only suitable for lighter skin shades.


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