Introduction & Prices

What Does IPL Stand For?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL treatments are often referred to as photo rejuvenation, Photofacial or IPL Photofacial due to its use of “selective photothermolysis” during treatment. Photothermolysis is the process by which IPL lasers convert light energy to heat energy and treat unwanted hair and skin pigments. IPL lasers can use photothermolysis to remove unwanted hair, or to correct skin hyperpigmentation, rosacea, age spots and the appearance of sun damage.


IPL offers you safe and easy permanent hair removal

IPL is an amazing new technology that has enhanced so many people’s lives, both male and female. Please feel free to come and talk to our friendly team about this simple and effective permanent hair reductionprocess.

The majority of clients are so thrilled with their results that they go on to have further treatment on other areas of the body. Intense Pulsed Light is proving the better alternative to reduce hair growth in minimal sessions with the least discomfort.


Imagine never having to shave, wax, tweeze or use depilatory creams again! It is no longer necessary to put up with unwanted hair



Treatment results will vary from person to person. Once a hair follicle has been successfully treated, that hair follicle can never produce a hair again. As approximately 30% of the active hair follicles are in their anagen stage at a time, it is necessary to have several treatments. On average people usually require between 6-12 treatments.

As we go through hormonal changes in our lives, other follicles may become active and therefore it may be necessary to have a maintenance treatment perhaps once a year.   A few factors influence the success of the treatment as follows:

  • Hormonal influences
  • Medication
  • Hair colour
  • Hair type
  • Skin type


Area Per Treatment

Book 6 sessions of IPL Hair Reduction & Skin Treatments and Get 2 sessions Free


Treatment Prices
Chin £15
Upper Lip £15
Lower Lip £12
Jaw Line £20
Neck £25
Hands and Fingers £12
Feet and Toes £12
Under Arms £20
Full Arms £65
Half Arms £40
Full Back £50
Abdomen £30
Breast £25
Cleavage £25
Full Pubic (Hollywood) £40
Bikini Line £25
Buttocks £45
Upper Legs and Bikini £75
Full Face £40
Sides of Face £25
Cheeks £20
Brazilian £30
Full Legs and Bikini £110

If you want more information regarding  IPL Hair Reduction & Skin Treatments  simply call your preferred Xpressions clinic to speak to a cosmetic treatment adviser, send us an online enquiry or request a call back and we will be in touch.