Body Piercing

Body Piercing

1. How old do I have to be to be pierced?
You need to be 16 with photographic I.D or you need to be accompanied by your parent.


2. Do I need an appointment?

No we operate a walk-in system too.


3. How long does a piercing take to heal?

This depends on not only the piercing, but also the person. On average 6-8 weeks is advised, but general health, wellbeing and aftercare are all important factors.


4. Does it hurt?

Most people will experience a certain amount of discomfort when being pierced. However, we minimise this by using a topical anaesthetic and as experienced piercers the duration of the piercing is kept to a minimum.


5. Can I use my own jewellery?

Unfortunately no, as per EU regulations we only pierce with pre-sterilised titanium jewellery which has no nickel content.


6. Will my piercing reject?

Any piercing can migrate over time, you have to remember that your skin is a living organism and a piercing is a foreign object, everyone is different and your body may not accept it.


7. My piercing is red and sore. Is it infected?

In all probability ? No. It is completely normal for your piercing to secrete fluid, develop dry residue or become reddened around the entrance and exit of the piercing. Don’t expect your piercing to look fully healed straight away. However, if you are concerned, please call in and we can give further advice.

If we have not covered your query please contact us, the information provided on the web site is a only a guide and is not a substitute for a visual diagnosis.

After Care

Remember aftercare is a very important part of the piercing process. We`ve done our bit by having a clean and sterile studio, autoclaving our instruments and jewellery and adhering to strict hygiene regulations, now please do yours!

Treat your new piercing with a little care and respect. Advice will be given before and after the process.

Aftercare sheets will be provided along with specific instructions for different types of piercing. Please follow the advice on them, you will find it most beneficial.

Below are brief guidelines:

DO NOT touch your piercing with mucky hands.

Refrain from swimming, using sun beds or bath products for at least the first week.

Clean the area once or twice a day with either witch hazel or warm salt water.

DO NOT use antiseptics eg TCP, Surgical Spirits, Savlon or Germoline.

It is perfectly normal for your piercing to secrete fluid and to be a little red and sore. If you have any dry residue DO NOT turn or force the jewellery soak any crusts off with salt water or witch hazel.

For oral piercings rinse out the mouth once or twice a day with warm salt water or a mild non-alcoholic antiseptic mouthwash. DO NOT change your bar until all the swelling has subsided.

Friends’ advice, however well meaning may not be correct. This also applies to internet forums, if you have a problem please contact us.

If you believe your piercing has become infected, please contact us. Do not remove the jewellery yourself. This may result in any bacteria becoming trapped under the skin.

Please remember we are all individuals, the healing process may vary from person to person and general health, diet etc are all important factors.

Age Restrictions

  • Ear piercing from 5 months old
  • Body piercing from 12 years old with parents consent and present at time!
  • body piercing from 16 years with id or parents /legal guardian consent present at time
  • genital piercing from 18 years with photo id


Disclaimer forms

This is not a must but we will ask that you sign a disclaimer form, we understand that you may not want your personal Information written down and we respect that so you can opt out of a disclaimer. If you are 18 years old +
Under 18 Must Fill a Form Out, However we do ask that you fill a form out for tongue and lip piercings or multi piercings as they carry a greater risk.


Please read before any piercing

Do you have any health problems that may prevent you from having a piercing done? MAKE SURE, YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND ALL THE RISKS INVOLVED, CONDITIONS THAT MAY PROHIBIT YOU FROM HAVING YOUR BODY PIERCED.

Places on my body you will not pierce?

Its illegal to pierce anyone under the age of 16 in the following areas and you will be asked for I.D there will be no exceptions. Nipples / Genitals (Boys or Girls) This would be classed as Indecent Assault ( This information is taken direct from the provisions in section 120 and Schedule 6 of the Local Government Act 2003 )

Before you do the piercing?

Yes and no, We use a spray for dermal based piercings, this aids in reducing what you may feel when the piercing is done but this is called a Topical spray, we cannot offer any form of numbing where clotting may be impaired on soft tissue or mucus areas, this includes the mouth around the eyes and septum, caution is used and care with other sites on the body.

Can or will you numb me before you do the piercing?

Yes and no, We use a spray for dermal based piercings, this aids in reducing what you may feel when the piercing is done but this is called a Topical spray, we cannot offer any form of numbing where clotting may be impaired on soft tissue or mucus areas, this includes the mouth around the eyes and septum, caution is used and care with other site

I decided to buy some food before I came for my piercing but I have yet to finish it, is it O.K to bring it in with me?

No, under no circumstances is food or drink allowed in the room where the piercing takes place, this avoids accidents and reduces the risk of hygine based infections.

I have had my tongue pierced what can I eat or drink?

Well you will need to avoid large chunks of food, avoid hot drinks, Ice cubes, Ice Cream unless almost fully melted or an Ice lolly just popped on top will be fine, cool or cold drinks are fine, avoid fizzy drinks, sucking via a straw, don’t go get a meal or pop to a fast food joint or go get a beer after, this is mentioned as I have had customers do this right after a piercing causing issues with their healing progress.

All the avoids are to reduce excessive movement to the bar or ring in your tongue, most things are common sense, if in doubt don’t do it, example of this would be smoking, if you smoke try to reduce or leave out smoking for as long as possible, cutting down the chances of infection, after-care is probably the most important thing when it comes to piercings, if you don’t look after your piercing then don’t expect it to last or not get problems at a later stage.


Treatment Prices
Ear Piercing £10 both
Belly Button Ring £15
Belly Button Bar £20
Belly Button Jewelled Bar £25
Nose £12
Bridge £20
Septum £20
Eyebrow Ring £15
Eyebrow Bar £20
Twinkle/Anti Eyebrow £25
Lip £20
Tongue £30
Tongue Web £25
Smiley/Frowny £25
Cheek £30
Ear Lobe Ring £10
Ear Lobe Bar £15
Cartilage Ring £10
Cartilage Bar £15
Forward Conch Ring £15
Forward Conch Bar £20
Tragus/Rook/Daith Ring £15
Tragus/Rook/Daith Bar £20
Anti Tragus/Snug £20
Anti-Lobe £15
Inner Helix £20
Orbital £25
Industrial From £25
Translobal £25
Ear Stretch £5
Nipple Ring £15
Nipple Bar £20
Surface £30
Micro Dermals £30
Intimate Piercing £35
Intimate Stretch £10



If you want more information regarding Body Piercing simply call your preferred Xpressions clinic to speak to a cosmetic treatment adviser, send us an online enquiry or request a call back and we will be in touch.

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