Men want to look great too! There are a number of Micropigmentation for Menprocedures available for men. Not only makeup for men but a number of procedures for thinning hair, remedies for loss of eyelashes, remedies for loss of eyebrows hair-loss and treatment for baldness.



Micropigmentation for Men Treatment Sussex One of the most popular Micropigmentation for Men procedures providing a more distinguished feature as the frame of your face is a Semi Permanent Eyebrow. With ageing, once strong commanding brows become thin, soft, and sparse. With our special single hair stroke application, we add density but with a natural eyebrow appearance.


Lash Enhancement

Men can use Semi Permanent Cosmetics to enhance eyelash loss. The process of ageing can give a tired look, but with microns of pigment implanted between each eyelash hair, a more youthful exuberance results. No heavy definition, just a natural enhancement to upper and lower lids providing ‘eye appeal’.


Hair Loss

Hair follicles destroyed during injury or scarring can result in unsightly bald patches. Semi permanent makeup for men can camouflaging hair loss and help hide embarrassing thinning hair. Micropigmentation for Men procedures for hair loss is a 100% non surgical hair-loss solution.


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