3D Fat Freezing

Treatment Price £150 (1 hour 15mins)
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2 Areas treated at the same time in £250
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3D lipo is answer to all your problems?


It’s safe to say most of us have over-indulged over the festive season and are looking to embark on a January detox of some sort.

However, if munching your way through salad leaves and spending hours at the gym makes your January blues even WORSE, then 3D Lipo might just be the answer.

What is 3D Lipo?

On paper, 3D Lipo seems like the answer to our prayers.

It’s a non-surgical solution to our weight-loss woes removing fat, treating cellulite and tightening skin on the face and body.

Favoured by numerous celebrities (including Coleen Rooney after the recent birth of her second baby,) the treatment physically destroys fat cells.

This means that the patient isn’t required to exercise after the treatment in the way you do after surgical liposuction surgery. Winner.

What’s more, the combination of processes involved in the treatment ensures that skin is tightened which also helps cellulite.

How does it work?

It all sounds too good to be true, right?

We thought so too, so when we arrived at the Clinica Fiore clinic in central London for our treatment.
Within seconds we were ushered into a relaxing room where the basics of the treatment were explained.
3D lipo is so-called because it’s split into three processes.

1.    Cavitation

The first stage of the treatment uses ultrasound waves to break down the fat cells in problematic areas.
I focused specifically on my stomach area as, like a lot of women, any excess pounds seem to creep on there.

Ultrasound gel is applied to the area, and a small hand-held machine is then placed over the top.
It’s quite a strange sensation – as though someone is sitting on your stomach – but it’s crucial to the process.

The ultrasound creates a wave which breaks down the fat cells, causing them to turn into liquid which is then processed away naturally by the body.

I was told beforehand that because the fat cells literally dissolve away, I’d be able to see results quickly.
And, after ten minutes or so I could see that my stomach was already flatter. Amazing.

2.    Cryolipolysis

The second stage involves the freezing of fat cells. A cooling pad is placed over the area, followed by an oval suction hand-piece.

The suction mechanism is pretty unpleasant to look at as it draws up and holds onto the fatty area between two cooling sections

It also feels strange, as though your skin is being uncontrollably sucked by a hoover. However, after a few minutes the sensation dulls.

By lowering the temperature so drastically, heat is extracted from the fat cells causing them to die. However, crucially the process doesn’t cause any damage to the skin or other surrounding areas.

I was told it can take anywhere between two and six months for the full effects of this treatment to be seen.

3.    Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency is the final part of the process. It concentrates on skin tightening on both the face and body.

Another hand-held device is run over the skin to heat the skin tissue. This then promotes the production of new collagen which in turn results in firmer skin.

I don’t suffer too badly from cellulite or loose skin, but I was told that this treatment is favoured by patients who want to tighten their jawline or chin area to create a more chiselled appearance.

Some women also select the treatment shortly before going on holiday to reduce the appearance of cellulite before baring all in a bikini.